MOVIE:"Oral Fixation"(2008) A woman's obsession with her dentist drives her to masochism, madness and murder. Character name -"Clare"

TV COMERCIAL:"Commonwealth Bank Australia"(2008) Determined to be different campaign.

SHORT FILM:"No Pink"(2007) A young artist planning a big event is shocked when her brother reveals a secret about her that changes everything. Character name -"Erin"

SHORT FILM:"Jackie Jackie"(2007) Jinaali is a sweet overweight Aboriginal checkout chick at the local supermarket... Character name -"Donna"

EDUCATIONAL VIDEO: "Where to Land, Apartment or Dorm?"(2007) Education video for students moving to college whether to live in apartment or a dorm room.

TV SHOW: "Cheez TV" (2003):Tempany appeared on this Australian kids show on channel 10 in January to promote her series of books "The Shooting Stars"

TV SHOW (U.K.): "Xchange" (2002):Tempany appeared on this kids show on CBBC in August to promote her series of books "The Shooting Stars"

^^Looking for a copy of this show^^

SHORT FILM: "Melancholy" (2001):Character name "Catriona"- A suicide, a devastated fiance, and a young woman with a story to tell - sadness is a trap.

SHORT FILM: "Famed" (2001):Character "Woman"- An animated look at "the fame factory" actors are put through and the reality of stardom.

TV COMMERCIAL:"Scape"(2000):Youth website ""

MOVIE: "New Skin" (2000):Character name "Judy"- A story of youthful love, with the lack of money, abuse of drugs and pregnancy that goes with it.

TV SERIES:"The Secret Life Of Us"(2000):Character name-"Andrena"- Follows the lives of eight 20 year olds searching for love and happiness, set in Melbourne

Other productions Tempany has been apart of.

THEATRE:"Direct From Broadway"(2001)- Edge Theatre, Newtown (N.S.W.)Character name-"Caitlyn"

MOVIE:"Horror Movie"(2000):Character name "Carina"- was told this film will never be released :( .

MOVIE:"The Incurable Romantic"(1999):Character name "Susie"- have not been able to contact anyone regarding this feature film. If anyone has any info, please e-mail me!